Mission of The John Birch Society

The mission of The John Birch Society is to bring about less government, more responsibility, and — with God's help — a better world by providing leadership, education, and organized volunteer action in accordance with moral and Constitutional principles.

This means we focus on an individual level of having more responsibility to govern ourselves in our daily lives as opposed to being governed. This responsibility is carried through all aspects of life, including family, business, social, church, and community. We advocate looking to the Ten Commandments for a moral guide and to the founding documents of America’s founders that describe the proper role and structure of government. We also recognize that rights are not granted through any legislative process. Our rights come from God. If we believed that rights could originate legislatively, then one would have to see that these rights could also be legislated away. Rights that come from God cannot be taken away. According to our founders, governments are instituted to protect these rights. The federal government has substantially grown and gotten away from its enumerated powers at the expense of individual liberty.

The John Birch Society strives to educate the electorate on the proper role of government and its civic responsibility in order to restore Constitutional limited government. JBS Founder Robert Welch discussed at length the benefits of having 500 active Constitutionalists in every Congressional district. When influence of these Constitutionalists is applied, districts would see more and more political candidates (regardless of affiliation), who would adhere to their oath of office, arise and become nominated, and eventually elected. This has worked in a number of areas across the country and continues to be pursued.

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