JBS Members: Read Your Bulletin Lately?

Written by  Bill Hahn Monday, 30 January 2012 00:00

The February 2012 JBS Bulletin is now available in print and online for dues-paying members.

The February 2012 Bulletin, available to dues-paying JBS members (PDF available here for dues-paying members after registration and login at JBS.org), offers insight from JBS CEO Art Thompson regarding logically looking at solutions. He cites for example how there are incessant calls for amendments to the Constitution to solve our nation’s political problems. However, when it comes to amendments, the logical question according to Mr. Thompson is: “If those already in power don’t pay any attention to the Constitution and its existing amendments, what makes anyone think that they will pay attention to any new amendment – unless that amendment is exactly what the powers-that-be wanted in the first place.”

Mr. Thompson also offers advice on what the agenda of the month could be for Chapters. As always, members are not expected to participate in any JBS agenda item that they disagree with. However, one of the great strengths of The John Birch Society is the concerted action of its members on key agenda items.

The agenda in the February Bulletin offers action items for recruiting, defeating Agenda 21 and the North American Union, as well as educating others on the Constitution, supporting local police, restoring decency, promoting the new K-12 opportunities students have through our affiliate FreedomProject Education, and promoting The New American.

The Bulletin serves as a monthly update to members, who are asked to read it before their monthly Chapter meeting. The Bulletin has recently undergone some changes with more attention being given to the JBS agenda and the recommended avenues of action.

If you’re not a dues-paying member, consider joining today! The benefits of membership await you! The John Birch Society has the tools and the plan to return prosperity to all Americans under the guidance of limited government and more responsibility.

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