The UN’s Role in Our Nation’s Expanding Refugee Program Featured

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The UN tells UN member countries, including the U.S., how many refugees they must accept.

Most Americans are stunned when they find out that our nation’s military forays for the past 70 years have been controlled by the United Nations. Some, of course, refuse to believe this even when presented with the documents and facts proving the claim.

In brief, when the United States entered the Korean War in 1950, President Truman cited authority contained in the NATO Pact formulated in 1949. NATO has always been a UN stepchild, and the UN remains in control. Most of the shooting in Korea stopped in 1953, but tens of thousands of U.S. forces remain in South Korea as part of the United Nations overall command. There never has been a formal termination of hostilities in the Korean theater. If the UN doesn’t want formal termination, it won’t happen.

The success achieved by world planners with their creation of NATO encouraged them in 1954 to create SEATO (Southeast Asia Treaty Organization), another UN stepchild. It was with authority contained in the SEATO pact that American forces went into Vietnam. Where the Korean War ended as a stalemate, the Vietnam War was an utter defeat for the United States.

Authority to invade Iraq (twice!) appeared in separate UN Security Council resolutions. The overall management of these wars came from the UN. Furthermore, the Afghanistan conflict (now in its 14th year) is being directed by NATO.
So no one should be surprised to learn that the settling of refugees from several war-torn nations in Asia and Africa is a UN project. The UN is steadily taking control of everything and everyone. It has an office known as the UN High Commissioner For Refugees (UNHCR). This UN agency tells UN member countries, including the United States, how many refugees each nation must accept.

Have recent refugees taken in by the United States worked at assimilation by learning America’s ways and language? No. Are there terrorists and potential terrorists among these individuals? Yes. The Obama administration assures us that there are none. But when some Somali refugees living in Minnesota were found recruiting for ISIS, the assurance fell flat.

The United States is already leading the world in accepting refugees. President Obama recently stated that the United States would take in another 10,000. U.S. Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power stated that the number of new entrants to the U.S. must expand in 2016. Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) wants the United States to accept 100,000 Syrian refugees. The many forlorn individuals from Syria who have fled their country have wanted to get away from the civil war designed to topple President Bashar al- Assad, a struggle now in its fifth year.

At a recent citizen meeting in Spartanburg, South Carolina, Governor Nikki Haley sought to assure worried residents that there would be no terrorists among the Muslim refugees she intends to welcome. But the potential for welcoming terrorists is not the only cause of citizen concern. They worry about the cost for housing, medical care, and plenty more. And they worry about the unwillingness of many of the refugees to adopt the culture of the nation that has opened its doors to them.

UNHCR’s Leader Has a Worrisome Past
Another problem with this resettlement program emerges when the political attitude of the UN official overseeing the process is considered. The UNHCR’s leader happens to be Antonio Guterres, a political figure from Portugal who is the former President of the Socialist International (SI). The little-known SI has long proclaimed its “ultimate objective” to be “nothing less than world government,” boldly adding that “membership in the United Nations must be made universal.”

Guterres is joined in the further entangling of the United States in UN projects by UNICEF leader Anthony Lake, a State Department veteran whose commitment to the UN and world government is no secret. These two are even working with officials from Communist China and other veterans of the SI.

William F. Jasper noted in a recent article posted by that a recent “SI appeal does not call on China, Russia, Turkey, or any of the nearby wealthy Muslim states of the gulf region — Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates — to shoulder any of the refugee burden.” This deficiency is especially remarkable because so many of the refugees fleeing Syria are fellow Muslims.

The Obama administration is determined to have the United States accept thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of these refugees. It seems as though the UNHCR will decide how many and where they will be resettled.

What to do? Letters and calls to senators and representatives protesting this latest undermining of our country by dilution with refugees is an excellent idea. You could ask why the U.S. has to be the recipient of refugees when nearby Muslim countries aren’t helping. But ultimately, forcing our leaders to withdraw the United States from the United Nations continues to be the essential step in preserving our nation and our freedom.

Contact your U.S. representative and senators in vigorous opposition to this undermining of our nation through the excessive resettling of refugees throughout the United States by an agency of the United Nations.

Also, contact your representative and senators in support of getting at the root of the refugee resettlement problem by asking them to support the American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2015, H.R. 1205, which would get the United States out of the UN.

(This article was first published under the title of "How the UN Is Behind Our Nation's Expanding Refugee Program" in the November 2015 JBS Bulletin.)


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The UN’s Role in Our Nation’s Expanding Refugee Program

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The UN tells UN member countries, including the U.S., how many refugees they must accept.

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