John Birch Society Activism Spanning Across America

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Members are the core of The John Birch Society; their hard work and diligence may go unnoticed to many but it has made a colossal impact since JBS started in 1958. Without this effective activism we would just be another organization that gets blown with the wind.


Art Griggs Locust Grove, VA


  Those driving by a section of state route 20 in Locust Grove, VA get a snap shot of The John Birch Society’s mission of creating more        responsibility.

Long time John Birch Society members Bill Nowers and Art Griggs (56 years), along with other helpers, have been maintaining this 1.8 mile long stretch of highway by picking up trash and keeping it looking acceptable for 20 years!

“This highway is called Constitution Highway because James Madison and Thomas Jefferson both lived along it in Orange and Albermarlle Counties,” said Griggs. “We feel it is important to keep the JBS name on signs along the highway that say that Members of The John Birch Society are responsible for the trash pickup,” he added.

 Evan Mulch, Conway, SC



Speaking to a group of about 100 people, about the Support Your Local Police and Keep Them Independent campaign, Evan Mulch, JBS South    Carolina/Charlotte Coordinator, motivated about a dozen people to be interested in participating in a SYLP Committee.

 “We made a statement for The John Birch Society in Conway that day as we were able to educate on an issue that no one else is educating others on,” said Mulch. He added, “JBS is the only organization that is educating people on why it is important to support your local police and keep them independent.”

While at this stump speech, Mulch along with Ed Peebles, the new chapter leader for the area, encouraged those interested to fill out a survey to see how much people knew about The John Birch Society. The survey had questions such as:

1. Do you believe that there is a conspiracy to create One World Government?

2. Do you think that the Council of Foreign Relations is the front group in the United States of America for those that want to create a One World Government?

Mulch said that a majority of people that stepped up to the table already knew that a conspiracy is happening, they just need help being pointed in the right direction. They were even able to meet someone who knew of The John Birch Society in the 60s and 70s. He just didn’t know that JBS was around anymore and is excited to get on board.

Mulch works with Regional Field Director, Chris Stevens who is pleased to see this sort of society involvement that can open the public’s eyes to what is happening in our country and direct them to The John Birch Society for the solutions.

“This activism creates a chain reaction that changes the conversation in the community which changes people’s understanding of the issues, which changes the types of politicians and policies that are successful,” said Stevens.

David Hammer, Bronx, NY

  At the largest street fair in The Bronx, N.Y., David Hammer, The JBS Chapter Leader for Manhattan, and Vito Vileniskis , The JBS Section    Leader for Manhattan, Queens and Long Island, made their presence felt in the community. (Saturday, June 4, 2016)

 Hammer, who has been a member for over 47 years, has manned many JBS tables and booths throughout the years. At this particular Co-Op City JBS table, he was unsure what sort of reaction they would receive that day.

“This community probably votes almost 90% Democratic, and is overwhelmingly black. Contrary to what the ‘left’ would want us to believe, we got an overwhelmingly positive reception, “said Hammer.

They were able to hand out at least 250 brochures and reprints, 35 DVDs and 6 ‘The Police Under Fire’ New American Magazines. Many who had never heard of The John Birch Society before gained a positive experience and they were able to hand out dozens of membership applications!

Life member, Frank M. Pelteson replied in an email to David, “This is an outstanding and truthful example of Birching in the hotbed of One-World Insiderism, in the Bronx, New York City, NY. It should galvanize ‘passengers in the boat’ members of The John Birch Society into action!”

Are you active with your JBS chapter? Want to spread the news of your activism? Send us your information to:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Not active but want to make a difference? Look up your local field staff coordinator to get started today!


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