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Speakers Tour Summer 2017


Dismantling the Con:The Truth About Article V

Mr. Robert Brown: With full conservative control, Congress is at a perfect time to get back to the Constitution. Instead, the Article V Convention movement would rather change the Constitution instead of obeying it. Mr. Brown dismantles all arguments for a convention and inspires patriots to seek workable solutions.


Time for a US Brexit!

Mr. Art Thompson: With President Trump, our outlook for beating the globalists at their game of international merger has never been better! Mr. Thompson will expose the international game plan while detailing threats to American liberties and independence through free trade deals.


A Local Police Means an Independent America

Mr. Jim Fitzgerald: The war against police continues, and Mr. Fitzgerald will peel back the motives that lead directly to world government. This stirring presentation will motivate supporters to get organized.


Indoctrination on the College Campus

Mr. Duke Pesta Offers an eye-opening account of what your children can expect once they enter the amoral, hyperpoliticized, progressive public university system. Learn to navigate the perilous waters of academia with faith in God and country intact. Practical solutions are offered on how to minimize the debt and indoctrination of campus life.